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GI Ecologix + interpretation report

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GI EcologiX™ is a gut health and microbiome stool test.

Biomarkers: Gut Health

Suitable For: Adults


GI EcologiX™ is a gut health and microbiome stool test.

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This gut health and microbiome stool test uses qPCR & protein-based assays to provide a comprehensive analysis of the GI ecosystem and chronic disease-related microbial (bacteria, yeast, parasites) markers, which are backed by the clinical literature, alongside host health markers. Needing just two swabs from one sample, this is a simple and easy home testing kit.  Samples are analysed in the UK laboratory, Invivo Diagnostics.  

  • 7 x health markers to assess inflammation, immune function, digestion, gut barrier health, and occult blood
  • 63 x microbial markers including markers related to IBD, mucin degradation and gut barrier impairment, SCFA production, SIBO, H. pylori, dysbiosis, inflammation

Turnaround time:  2-3 weeks

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