About Us

Gut and Health is the sister company of Roseway Labs, which was founded in 2018 by three former colleagues with complementary skills and experience.  Seeing the challenges faced by patients who could not get their medical needs met through the NHS, they saw an opportunity to provide compounded medications that were specifically designed for individual patients.  Since then, this pharmacy offering has thrived with more and more patients being relieved of symptoms they have struggled with for years. 

One aspect that has arisen more and more is that of the human microbiome.  Working with experts in the field, it is clear that many problems labelled as 'IBS' or 'digestion' or even 'mental health' can be alleviated through gut treatments.  The challenge with the microbiome is that we are all unique, to the point that our gut microbiome in the morning may be quite different to our gut microbiome in the evening.

Here, we have collated high quality products that may help to diagnose and treat your gut issues.  We have specialist support available should you need it and can offer medical treatments through our pharmacy to treat those difficult cases, such as stubborn SIBO.

Our Founders

Elizabeth Philp, CEO, brings a business background to Roseway Labs and runs the non-pharmacy operations. Having had premature babies in 2013, she has developed learning around severe food allergies, the power of the gut-brain axis and two different supplements work to heal the gut, finding out along the way that she is severely gluten-intolerant and that this is a family trait.  

Miriam Martinez Callejas, Superintendent Pharmacist, is one of the UK's most knowlegable formulations pharmacists and is always innovating to find new product solutions to patient problems. She runs the pharmacy laboratory and dispensing operations.

Gurdip Rehal, Quality Director, has years of expertise in quality assurance and MHRA regulation, ensuring that Roseway Labs operates to the highest standards.  He manages the wholesale business for Roseway Labs.