Autumn/Winter - Skin SOS

Autumn/Winter - Skin SOS

As the end of summer is now upon us, temperatures have started to change and radiators are poised ready to spring into action, it’s worth sparing a kind thought for your skin.

Seasonal weather changes and more time spent indoors in centrally heated environments can play havoc with our skin. Instead of accepting however that dull and dry skin is an inevitable part of the Autumn and Winter months you can be a bit more proactive and shape your skincare routine to suit.

For most people, a skincare routine involves cleansing and moisturizing, for us though it also means feeding your skin from within so your complexion is truly nourished from the inside out. If you’re ready to embrace the colder months with healthy, glowing skin then here’s a few tips to help you on your way:

✓ Supple skin requires healthy oils – just like a car engine needs a steady supply of oil, so does your skin! Your skin needs a regular supply of a balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fats. Unless you eat a steady supply of nuts, seeds and oily fish however, chances are your skin isn’t getting enough of the beneficial oils it needs to stay supple and moisturized. Omega 3 is best supplemented in the form of pure and stable fish oil, whilst a good source of omega 6 fats is starflower oil which can also be supplemented in the diet. 

✓ Boost your antioxidants – Oxidation is a key factor in the ageing process and general degeneration of the skin and the best way to protect against this is to boost your intake of antioxidants. The main players are vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene, the plant form of vitamin A, the minerals zinc and selenium, plus glutathione, lipoic acid and Co-Q10.

✓ Hydrate Your Skin -  Healthy skin relies on optimal hydration; which in short means drinking more water and less tea, coffee and alcohol. There’s much debate over how much water we need to drink on a daily basis and obviously this varies according to individual variation and activity levels. As a general rule, you should aim for around 6-8 glasses daily. Since most people aren’t drinking anywhere near that however, even upping your intake a bit will help.

✓ Cut Down on Sugar – A diet high in refined sugar can play havoc with the skin, not least because sugar can interfere with the way the body uses vitamin C, which is needed for the formation of collagen and elastin – two important structural components of the skin. 

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