Did You Know Texting Affects Your Breathing?

Did You Know Texting Affects Your Breathing?

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Did you know that women tend to hyperventilate during the second half of the menstrual cycle and symptoms of chronic hyperventilation syndrome are remarkably similar to the symptoms observed in some women with PMS?

Did you also know that many people change their breathing pattern to an unhealthy one whilst doing something as simple as sending or receiving a text?

It’s not something we spend that much time thinking or even talking about, but breathing pattern disorders are a major global health problem. Women are more affected than men, however, as many as 10% of the global population overall may be suffering from breathing pattern disorders (BPD) that are either caused by, or worsening the symptoms of their primary diagnosis. It’s not just PMS-type symptoms that result from BPD; symptoms as varied as fatigue, panic, bloating, muscle pain, shortness of breath, chest pain, palpitations, yawning, sinus pain and asthma can all stem from BPD.

Fortunately though, breathing is one of the major vital functions that is open to conscious awareness and modification. In simple terms that means you can quickly and easily make changes towards a healthier breathing pattern. And you can easily help your patients to achieve a healthier breathing habit too.

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