Gut Barrier Benefits of Vitamin D

Gut Barrier Benefits of Vitamin D

Results of a 2015 study published in the journal, United European Gastroenterology has found that vitamin D supplementation helped maintain gut barrier integrity in patients with Crohn’s Disease.

This research builds on existing data, which has already shown that vitamin D may help to prolong remission in Crohn’s Disease – a chronic gastrointestinal condition characterised by remitting and relapsing inflammation.

The study was led by Professor Maria O’Sullivan and Tara Raftery from Dublin’s St James Hospital. The team analysed changes in gut barrier function and known markers of Crohn’s Disease in response to supplementation with vitamin D or placebo.    

Results showed that the group taking vitamin D were more likely to maintain intestinal permeability, in contrast to the placebo group, where deterioration was identified.

“This is the first reporting of effects of vitamin D supplementation on intestinal permeability and antimicrobial peptide measures in a CD cohort.  Whilst the data requires further confirmation, it broadly supports evidence from previous experimental studies that suggests a role for vitamin D in maintaining intestinal barrier integrity.”

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