What Do Our Nutritionists Eat For Breakfast?

What Do Our Nutritionists Eat For Breakfast?

We’ve just celebrated National Breakfast Week – so we thought it was perfect timing to share with you our favourite nutritious starts to the day here at Nutri Advanced. You’ll often hear it said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – yet it’s the meal that’s most commonly skipped! There’s a whole host of reasons why this is. Lack of time and not feeling hungry in the morning are usually cited as the main ones. 

Eating breakfast is a habit that your body needs to get used to – if you start the day with a meal, your body will soon start to expect it and you will wake with more of an appetite. If you’re not used to eating breakfast, start with something small and build up gradually. Breakfast is best eaten within half an hour of waking – the word is literally translated as breaking the fast and without it, the overnight fast continues.

If lack of time is getting in the way, you might want to think about preparing your breakfast the night before. A bowl of chopped fruit and a tub of natural yoghurt is a quick and easy breakfast that can be made up in advance. If you’re even shorter on time and need something to take with you, do what our Senior Nutritionist Katy Petter does and add the ingredients for a breakfast smoothie into a blender the night before and just whizz and go in the morning! Even quicker is an UltraMeal – keep a tub at home and work for a balanced mix of high quality protein, carbohydrates and fat with essential vitamins and minerals too. 

Here’s how the Nutrition Team & Managing Director here at Nutri Advanced start the day:

Ken Eddie – Managing Director
I go to the gym early most mornings before work so on these days I’ll have a mix of UltraInflamX & UltraPro Whey blended with almond butter for post-workout recovery and balanced energy throughout the morning.

Katherine Pardo – Head of Nutrition & Education
In the week I’ll usually have a Nutri bullet smoothie made with a mix of whatever I have in the fridge - today's included kale, spinach, celery, half a banana, mixed berries (frozen), cashews and a scoop of Nutri Advanced Superfood. At the weekend when I’ve got a bit more time I’ll usually go for something like poached or scrambled eggs with sautéed tomatoes and mushrooms and a fresh coffee.

Gemma Khoo – Nutritionist & Regulatory Affairs
My favourite breakfast is porridge with blueberries, a dollop of greek yoghurt and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Laura Murphy – Nutritionist
I usually go with half a wholewheat bagel with smashed avocado, spinach and a fried egg on top or else some fruit, granola, flaked almonds and greek yoghurt.

Angela Ramsden – Technical Administrator
During the week, I usually have either an UltraPro Whey or an UltraMeal (banana’s my favourite flavour), then at weekends I’ll have poached or scrambled eggs with tomatoes and mushrooms on toast, or for a real treat I'll have a toasted sandwich with mashed avocado and bacon!

Rachel Bartholomew – Nutritionist
I usually have an omelette, boiled or scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast. If time is short, I’ll grab an UltraMeal (Banana flavour) or a cereal bar (Organix Goodies bars or Nakd bars are my favorites) and a couple of boiled eggs and take them with me. If I have more time, I’ll make a fresh veggie juice too, with whatever’s in the fridge.  

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